torsdag, februari 14, 2008

Hello Umeå!

To honor the students I met today, at Designhögskolan in Umeå, this will be the first post in English on my blog, ever!

Todays presentations showed different project, where sound was an evident element. The most common way of treating the sound in the project seemed to be resulting in products that used data from the visitors in various ways of interaction - to modify different types of sounds emitted through speakers.

It was a very interesting day, and during the afternoon I had the privilege to meet three out of five groups, to discuss and share thoughts about how they actually were using sound in their projects.

I will meet the two remaining groups tomorrow, very exciting! After lunch I will talk about my thesis, and give my comments on the sound aspect of the projects in general.

It's strange... when I left Stockholm I didn't notice anything strange, but when I arrived in Umeå I could see something WHITE on the ground... What on earth could that possibly be?!

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